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There are currently approximately 100 shipping companies that provide passenger ship services in Finland, and 66 of them, all the biggest ones included, belong to our association. Shipping companies who operate using rental boats or ships are also welcomed to join the association.

Our association holds an established position in the industry’s law-making processes, operates in close cooperation with Traficom and other supervisory authorities, and promotes its members interests in several ways. The association has signed a collective labour agreement with employee associations, and this agreement is deemed to be generally binding for the whole industry. The current 2-year contract started retroactively on 1 March 2019.

The association carries out joint advertising and marketing efforts through its website at All members and their contact information have been listed on the website, based on their home town.

The association provides its members with benefits such as discounts on fuel and equipment. It also offers a special member price for Viking lifeboats and their routine inspections. Maritim Oy also provides discounts for our members.

The greatest financial benefit for our members is the joint insurance provided by Oy Gard (Baltic) Ab. For several member companies, the discount they receive due to the membership, is bigger than the annual membership

The basic membership fee in 2020, for a shipping company that owns 1–3 ships, is EUR 500. A shipping company that owns 4–7 ships pays EUR 1,000 and companies with 8 or more ships pay EUR 1,500 per year.

The association has two meetings each year: the annual meeting in March and the election meeting in November. The association also provides its members with trainings and recreational activities such cruises. The association is bilingual.

Member applications can be submitted with the attached application.

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