The passenger ship owners who, during the last 40 years, have belonged to a total of four different associations, have united their forces and joined a nation-wide association which was established on 19 November 2004 to promote its’ members interests. The association is bilingual and some of its members operate in Åland.

Currently, the association has 66 shipowners who operate approximately 150 ships in total. With ships ranging from small rental boats to large 300-person passenger ships and coasters, the capacity of combined stock amounts to approximately 20,000 passengers. These ships move over 3 million passengers per year on various types of cruises.

The shipping companies that belong to the association employ around 500 people solely within the metropolitan area, and at least the same amount elsewhere in Finland. In addition to the general promotion of the industry’s interests, the association also acts as the employer association’s representative in labor market negotiations.

A cruise on any one of our ships is a great way to promote your business, offer hospitality or recreation for your customers, guests or even your family or loved ones. You can find your nearest member company under the “Cruises” section on our website. Welcome on a cruise in our beautiful archipelago.

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